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We had a very good meeting about blogging this month. Thanks, as always, to Charity Samora  for her excellent presentation on available sites, reasons to blog, and the do’s and don’ts of blogging.

Personally, I want to thank everybody for your help in critiquing my chapter. After several edits, a person becomes too close to their own writing. Your fresh eyes were invaluable in spotting weaknesses. Thanks a bunch.

After the meeting, Tammy Godfrey suggested we do a meeting about “Apps” that are helpful to writers, along with a study on how to link all of one’s platforms together (blog, Facebook, website, linkdin, etc.) I asked if Tammy could lead the group in such a session for our May 21st meeting, and she said yes. Looking forward to that.

Our critique coordinator is holding workshops on the first Saturday of each month now. If you want to prepare something for critique on May 7th, reply to James’ request for an RSVP later when he sends out meeting announcements. I highly recommend it.

– Sherrie Seibert Goff


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At our April meeting, Charity Samora will lead the group in a discussion about the how-to’s and benefits of running a blog.  More details to come.

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Marshall Public Library
May 17, 2014   4pm-6pm

Greetings writers:

We’ve had a request to cover websites as our next meeting topic, so I will do my best to share what I know about the basic essentials of an effective author’s website.

However, the potential is unlimited when it comes to custom-designing a website that meets your own personal needs and artistic sensibilities.

Please come to the meeting, and feel free to share your own expertise and advice about websites.  In the meantime, see you on our Facebook Open Forum.

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