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We are searching for topics and volunteers to keep our writers group going strong.  We also need to bring some fresh perspective and expertise into our ranks by expanding our active membership.  Feel free to suggest a guest speaker if you know someone.

Each of us has some bit of wisdom to share, and it doesn’t need to fill the entire first hour. Start with your own notes, then google the subject and gather more ideas and pointers into a document. Borrow ideas and concepts from other experts. Then rearrange, cut out all the dead wood, and edit down to provide us with a concise pointer sheet to use for discussion. (This is a good writer’s exercise, btw.)
Happy Writing,


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Hi Fellow Writers,

I hope everyone had a great holiday season! It’s hard to believe that our January meeting is approaching us in a little over a week, but it is. Which begs the question, what are we doing on January 15 (4-6pm at the Marshall Public Library)?

Well, recently one of my writer friends asked me about Lexis-Nexus (a database writers can use to do a little research on past publications). And that got us thinking about the idea of doing research. How can writers do research for their articles or books? What resources are available through libraries and collections to make that happen?

I know a lot of you already do your own research for your writing, and have a lot to share. And I know that some of you are probably wondering where to start. Given that I have to do some research for the manuscript I’m currently working on, this is a topic close to my own interests.

And remember, research isn’t just about, say, pouring through the annals of Pre-Roman history. It’s also about looking through the back-issues of a magazine, before querying them about writing an article. And even about how to find magazines and journals to write for.

So how about we have a discussion about research? I’ll bring my resources, ideas and questions, you bring yours, and we’ll talk.

In the second hour, we’ll have readings. As always, up to THREE readers get 15 minutes, and you should bring about 10 hard copies of your piece so we can follow along and provide written feedback. We already have Peter Hull signed up to read, so there’s still two more spots available. Interested? Leave a comment to this post to say you’d like to read. First come, first served.

BTW, this month marks the second anniversary of the founding of the Minnie Howard Writers group. Thanks to all of our members, whether you’ve been there from the start or you just joined up. You’re the ones who have made this group possible.

See you Saturday!

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