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Hi fellow writers,

How’s your September? Hope you’re having a fruitful start to your fall as you tackle your writing project, large or small.

For you fiction writers out there, here’s something to work towards — Idaho Magazine has a fiction writing contest with a January 31, 2011 deadline. It’s never too early to start. For details, visit the website.

So, our Sept 18 meeting (4-6pm at the Marshall Public Library) is approaching. And you might be wondering — what’s on the agenda?

First hour, we have Ruth Harten and LaRaine Larsen sharing their publishing experiences with us. Ruth self published her nonfiction book, The Cowboy’s Secret: A Story About College Hazing. LaRaine is the author of Hell Hath No Fury. I’m looking forward to learning from these two fantastic women.

Second hour, we have readers. Andrea will be reading and so will I. But we still have a slot available — are you interested in reading? Every reader gets fifteen minutes to read, and just needs to bring copies for all to read and follow along (note — usually 10-12 does the job). Sign up by leaving a comment on this post.

Can’t wait to see you this Saturday and, as always, happy writing.


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Hope everyone is enjoying their summer, and making progress with their writing!

Missed our last meeting, when Dr. Susan Swetnam talked about how to pitch to magazines? E-mail me and I’ll be happy to share the link for the recorded talk with you.

For those of you who weren’t there, she packed an entire semester’s worth of knowledge into an hour and a half, and I left learning things I’ve never read in any book or website.

So, what’s coming up July 17? (more…)

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Hi Fellow Writers,

I hope everyone is enjoying this summer weather.

But, more importantly, I hope everyone will enjoy this weekend’s special meeting with Dr. Susan Swetnam from the ISU English Department. She will be talking about how to pitch articles to magazines.

Since we don’t get Dr. Swetnam everyday, I decided to offer her more time (she said she could provide us with some hands-on time if she had an hour and a half). And given that things tend to run over, I’m going to suggest we just cut the usual readings from this meeting. Don’t worry — we’ll have reader spots again in July. I’d just rather have that breathing room, and no doubt many of you will also have questions for Dr. Swetnam anyhow, so the more time we have, the better.

So, see you June 19, 4pm at the Marshall Public Library. And, as always, happy writing!

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Hi Fellow Writers,

I’ve never changed a set meeting agenda, but this time, I’ve got a great reason why.

Dr. Susan Swetnam, who many of you may know as an English Professor at ISU (who teaches a class on getting published in magazines), is going to talk to us about how to write for a magazine. She is a VERY busy person, and I’ve wanted her to talk to us for a very long time — so when she said she could only do it on June 19, I knew I had to jump on it. (more…)

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Deadline is coming up fast on this (January 30, 2009), but may still be worth checking out. They may have an ongoing interest:

We are looking  for queries on some longer stories for the magazine (2,500 to 3,000 words) on non-fiction topics. We receive a deluge of shorter pieces, but it’s nice to have some longer stories to include in each issue, as well, and using a chapter of a forthcoming book is a good way to get some pre-publicity and feedback before you go to press.

If you, or your students, have chapters of books you’d like to submit on Idaho topics, we’re most interested in looking at them.

I’ve also attached our writers’ guidelines. Thank you for your consideration.

Kitty Delorey Fleischman


IDAHO magazine

1412 W. Idaho St., Ste. 240

Boise, ID 83702

tel: 208 336-0653 x 100

fax: 208 336-3098


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