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Marshall Public  Library
Saturday August 20

Tammy Godfrey will lead a workshop on WHY YOU NEED CONFLICT.  She says:

“A story conflict is a problem facing the main character. This problem might be a romantic rival or a horde of attacking zombies. It might be an internal struggle; for example, the character has to overcome a particular fear or a bad habit.  Conflict is important because it makes things happen. If everything in your character’s life is perfect, there is no reason for her to take action.  There is no reason for anything to change. And no change equals no story.”

This Saturday will be a two-hour workshop, so we won’t have time for any readings or critiques.  (Next critique session will be on September 3rd, if we can work it in so near the holiday.)

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Marshall Public Library
Saturday, September 19, 2015, 3:30pm-5:30pm

This coming Saturday Charity Henson Samora will lead our September meeting on the topic of Editing. The stages of editing may consist of several drafts, cuts, changes, and revisions, as well as the final job of line editing, each serving a particular purpose.  Come to learn more about all the things you need to keep in mind to do a good job at self-editing.

Join us at the Marshall Public Library at 3:30pm.  If you want to share some of your work, second hour will be reserved for readings.  Come to get inspired and enjoy the company of local writer friends.

In the meantime, keep in touch by joining our Facebook open forum.

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